Thanks to its versatility, heat resistance and high strenght, aluminium is undoubtedly one of the most functional used metal around the world.

Rontini e Boni aluminium window fixtures have all the visual, durability and low maintance qualities of the aluminum and combine innovative and construction advantages with advanced features such as heat/acoustic insulation, water-tightness, resistance to air and indeformability.

Our doors and windows encompass exciting aesthetic lines, high levels of security and practicality. Surfaces can be colored and characterized by wonderful metallic effects.

Architectural adaptability, contemporary taste and energy efficiency of buildings are additional features that make the difference.

The materials we normally use for the production of curtain walls and doors and windows are: METRA, SCHÜCO, GEAL and PONZIO.

Private residences, Green Street 110, Brooklyn – New York
Poliedra METRA Systems, Sky 50, 65 STH


To improve the architectural features of administrative and industrial buildings as well as public and private dwellings.
This is another company goal.
A wide range of design solutions motivate us to pursue the development of curtain walls systems which are the result of a perfect combination between modern architecture and technology (energy storage systems).
Bringing buildings back to life through the use of noble materials such as glass, aluminium, Rockpanel,
Abet Meg and sandwich panels. Giving an old building a modern touch.
Thanks to stick, structural or semi-structural glazing systems, we are able to adapt the technique to the architectural definition of all the buildings. Our competence has gained over the years NH Florence Hotel spa, Via Alamanni, Florence Facade cladding, MEG ABET Wood Effect a leading role in establishing
on the national and international market, especially in India and United States.

NH Florence Hotel spa,
Via Alamanni, Florence
Facade cladding, MEG ABET Wood Effect

NH Florence Hotel spa,
Via Alamanni, Florence
Facade cladding, MEG ABET Wood Effect


Home security is essential. This is why Rontini e Boni offers a wide range of innovative processing techniques. Our shutters are designed and manufactured from the highest quality standards, to meet any residential expectations.

Private residence, via Cavour, Florence
Historic and existing shutters matched together.


Rontini e Boni windows are available in a wide range of styles, configurations and sizes. With our windows we are sure to supply a window that suits your requirements in terms of beauty, quality, durability and performance. Our windows can meet any demands of sound reduction, heat-insulation and burglary resistance.

Municipal school, Santa Maria a Coverciano, Florence
Closed spaces, Metra Systems
150 STH, 65 STH


Timber quality and aluminium resistance. This is the Aluminium-wood system. A perfect combination which enables us to use aluminium for the exterior part while covering the interior part with a thick layer of solid wood. Aluminium frames are exceptionally resistant to corrosion, a remarkable aspect that guarantees an extended lifespan. On the other hand, wood – with its natural colours – keeps the living space comfortably warm.

Rontini e Boni window fixtures enhance

Caffè Mediceo, Borgo San Lorenzo, Florence
Metra Systems, 65 HES e 150 STH HES

Galeotti Srl Automatic precision turning shop,
Scarperia e S. Piero (Florence)
Facade accomplished with Poliedra METRA Systems, SKY 50 CV, 65 STH

Private residence, Mugello, Florence
Metra Systems, 150 STH

Hotel Orcagna, Florence
METRA Systems, 65 STH

RIFLE srl offices, Barberino di Mugello, Florence
Aluminium interior office walls

Private residence, Castiglioncello, Livorno
Metra Systems, 120 STH SLIM


Interior doors undoubtedly add value to your house. Rontini e Boni doors are elegant, solid and reliable. Each door – made from aluminium – is totally customizable, allowing our company to meet any customers’ needs.


Aluminium is a durable, lightweight and high-strenght metal. Thanks to all these excellent properties is now the second most widely used metal in the world. Relying on this, Rontini e Boni can realize any sort of sizes for your shutters, boasting the best thermal performances and low maintance features.


A mosquito net offers protection against mosquitos, flies and insects. Rontini e Boni mosquito nets are specifically designed and tested to favour house brightness and ventilation. We have various styles of bespoke mosquito nets to better fulfill customers’ specifications in a positive manner.


We supply a wide range of aluminium front entrance doors; find your perfect bespoke option. Rontini e Boni entrance doors offer the highest levels of security, thermal performance and durability.