The manufacture of iron is one of the oldest profession in the world and it definitely requires great knowledge and experience.
It makes the production of doors and windows possible as well as lofts, railings, gates, shopfittings and metal works fabrications.
We also design and make bespoke handrails, tables and bookcases. For the production of window fixtures we normally use materials as follows: JANSEN, FOSTER


The art of wrought iron – born of fire and humans hand – enables us to fulfill any precise project.

Our products are equally at home in domestic and commercial environments – both inside and out – and are used in home furnishings, patio furnitures (e.g. Gazebos and Verandas) and handiworks (e.g. Tables and bookcases).

We have preserved quality by combining tradition with advanced technology, a result that guarantees robustness and durability.

Banco bar “studiomilani design”,
made for La Marzocco Spa,
Scarperia – Florence

Louis Vitton Store, Amman, Jordan

Louis Vitton Store, Amman, Jordan


Our rugged, heavy-duty gates are substantially constructed in order to respond to security needs. They can be prefabricated or tailor-made. Several solutions can obviously be applied and adapted.

Private residence, Lido di Camaiore, Lucca


Rontini e Boni is also specialized in manufacturing metal supporting frameworks and hoops as well as lofts and other (light/medium/slightly heavy) carpentry solutions.

Bridge over the river Mugnoncello, Fiesole
Corten plates installation

Bridge over the river Mugnoncello, Fiesole
Corten plates installation

Connecting walkway
at “La Marzocco Spa”,
Scarperia, Florence

Loft and hanging framework
Call center offices at Findomestic Spa,


Essential for protecting your home.
At Rontini e Boni we pride ourselves on offering several different models of gratings with the aim of understanding the needs and requirements of every project.
Based on high quality materials and staff competence, our products are designed to be virtually burglar-proof and reliable.

Private residences,
Forte dei Marmi, Lucca


Our iron window fixtures guarantee quality and durability combined with competitive prices and low maintance costs.